Easing the Transition into Middle School 
The advisory program is an essential component of the Middle School program. The advisor pays attention to each advisee’s overall care and progress both academically and socially. Advisees make connections, share responsibility, and form a group identity. 

Fifth and Sixth Grades 

In the fifth and sixth grades, a student’s early Middle School experience is carefully adapted to make the transition developmentally appropriate and meet students’ academic and social needs. Advisories, which consist of 10-15 students, meet for 40 minutes each day. Advisory goals include academic skill-building and individual support, social skills development, community service, homework assistance, and a nurturing environment. Advisory teachers act as a liaison for parents, students, and teachers. 

Seventh and Eigth Grades

In the seventh and eighth grades, the advisories remain the same size. These advisories meet every other day, two or three times per week for 40 minutes each session. During this time, students receive academic guidance, participate in character-building exercises, discuss topics such as digital citizenship and peer relationships, and participate in community engagement. 

Last Updated: August 26, 2019