Two Perspectives in the art galleryVisit campus to walk through “Two Perspectives,” a beautiful and expressive tandem photo exhibition by MPA Upper School students Alex Esch and Siri Vorvick! The display opened November 6 in the Gallery.┬áBoth students are working toward their Certificates of Distinction and describe their art as purposeful, exploratory, and adventurous.

“When I’m with my camera, I feel purpose,” Alex said in her personal statement, also on display in the entrance of the exhibit. “There’s power in being able to capture a moment that vanishes almost instantaneously. I’m truly fascinated by ability I have to forever encapsulate such a small period of time.”

Alex says that the inspiration for her artistic vision comes from the human condition, identifying herself as a portrait photographer. She aims to add dimensions to portraits, capturing ideas and emotions. She also likes to show humans as figures rather than individual people, to focus on the broader nature of humankind.

In Siri’s photography, the audience cannot help but feel the evocative effects of how she experiments with emotion. She describes her method as “sorting through questions that lead to discovery,” and she uses her subjects as physical representations in doing so.

“I often don’t know what kind of pictures I want to produce. But I do have an idea of the feelings I want to focus on. With my photos, I try to sort through the many feelings I have in reaction to the big and little things that effect me every day,” she said in her personal statement. “. Everyone associates different feelings to images, and I love highlighting this complexity in my photos as well. These photos are, in a way, snapshots of other people’s feelings and my own.”

See moments from the gallery opening here!

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