Orchestra PerformanceMs. Abbe, orchestra director, asked her students from the Class of 2017: What’s your favorite orchestra memory? They are both heartwarming and funny, so we wanted to share …

“My favorite MPA orchestra moment would be right after we got our instruments in 5th grade. Grace, Izzy, Hannah, and I would sit in a circle and play together, even though we had no idea what we were doing.” – Sofia Troullier

“My favorite orchestra moment was when Ms. Abbe asked us what ‘piu’ meant and Rachel said ‘smelly.'” – Gracie DeBoer

“My favorite orchestra moment was my first Pajamarama concert. Seeing all of the kids getting so enthusiastic about the music and dancing filled me with joy.” -Theo Janke-Furman

“The best part of orchestra is winking at Sara during rehearsal. She brightens my day.” – Isabel Meyer-Mueller

“My favorite orchestra memory was when some visitors had stopped by to watch us practice and Ingrid decided that it would be a good idea to perform Plink, Plank, Plunk for them.” – Sylvia Rani

“My favorite orchestra memory is my last concert of Middle School. I remember being really proud that I had finished Middle School orchestra and could finally play with the ‘big kids.’ It was a good time to reflect upon how much I had improved.” – Bisma Punjani

“My favorite memory from orchestra was when Ingrid and Ms. Abbe were dancing in Mickey Mouse heads and Ingrid ran into a wall.” – Sara Stone

“A favorite moment I have from my time in Upper School orchestra would be when we play the Hokey Pokey in the Pajamarama concert. It is always fun and entertaining to watch the kids have fun as well as try to concentrate on playing, singing, and dancing!” – Emily Jesmer

“My favorite memory of orchestra was when Chad was the only one bowing at the end of the concert and the whole orchestra started laughing at him.” – Mimi Lyons

“My favorite orchestra memory is when Chad bowed before everyone else during the 2016 Spring Concert.” – Leo Chen

“My favorite memory from orchestra was when I accidentally bowed at the wrong time during our concert as a junior in Upper School.” – Chad Sardi

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