middle school girls walking into schoolThe MPA Parents Association invites parents to attend two upcoming talks by Dr. Jules Nolan. Please note that these talks are open to all MPA parents, not just Middle and Lower School. However, the Wednesday discussion will be geared toward Middle School families, so while all can attend, the content will be focused on that age group’s developmental needs.

The Middle School Parent Event is Wednesday, February 21, from 8–9 AM in the Porter Conference Room. Dr. Jules Nolan will present “Social and Emotional Learning: A Better Predictor of Success in School.” This session will explore social and emotional learning, a skill set that is foundational in learning and life, and is currently the focus of new standards and benchmarks from the Minnesota Department of Education. Participants will better understand the five areas of SEL skills and how to develop lagging skills in the areas of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

The Lower School Parent Event is Friday, February 23, from 8–9 AM in the Porter Conference Room. Dr. Jules Nolan will talk about “Mindful Parenting for a Calmer Home.” In this session, parents will gain a better understanding of what happens to our brain in times of stress, how to model those behaviors you want to develop in your children, and how to care for our children by caring for ourselves. Parents will learn how to manage strong emotions like anxiety and build emotional resilience in our children. The basics of mindful practices will be explored as well as the research behind what mindful practice does for our brains and the brains of our children. Parents will learn strategies and leave with resources for yourself and your child.

Dr. Nolan is a psychologist, author, speaker, and partner with Dr. Steve Kahn in Phoenix School Counseling LLC. Recently, she co-authored Real World, Real Challenges: Adolescent Issues in Contemporary Society, a college textbook on adolescent development. She has conducted and published research on school performance and mental/behavioral health in the USA and abroad. Dr. Nolan is the president elect for the Minnesota School Psychology Association and chairwoman for the Issues in Human Diversity Committee for the International School Psychology Association. She serves schools and families with mental/behavioral health, school performance, and social/emotional learning needs.

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