upper school students in classThe date for the Quarter Four Upper School Parents Association Meeting is Friday, April 27, from 8-9:30 AM. Please note the date change!

Parents of incoming 2018-19 freshmen are encouraged to attend for a glimpse into Upper School at MPA! Keep an eye out for the next two issues of Panther Post for more details. An agenda will be sent to parents of students in grades 8-12 prior to the meeting. Parents will additionally get an overview of the Fine Arts programs in Upper School from faculty guests, take a look at the remaining Upper School events scheduled for the year, and discuss the opportunity of a new MPA Parents Association Upper School Division Lead.

The Upper School Division Lead is responsible for coordinating and collaborating with the division director. They shall preside at PA events/meetings of the Upper School division. The Upper School division lead shall consult regularly with the division director to ensure PA activities are aligned with the division policies and initiatives. The division lead shall coordinate and collaborate with the Upper School director for specific Parent Information Meetings as needed. In addition, the Upper School division lead coordinates final exam refreshments and Graduation events (in partnership with the Spirit Committee). The Upper School division lead shall perform such other specific duties as may be established by the president or the PA Board.

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