Julia portis receiving award from dr. Hudson Congratulations to all of the Upper School students who received honors and awards at the 2018 Upper School Awards Assembly! On Friday, June 1, the school gathered to commemorate all of these students’ achievements. Academic, National Merit, Scholarship, Yearbook, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Visual Art, Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Forensics, French, Spanish, Drama, Athletics, Service, Spirit of ’86, Junior Mission Statement, Certificate of Distinction, and Alumni Association awards were given. Please join us in congratulating the following students! View photos of the assembly or watch the assembly here!

National Honor Society Inductees

Declan Dahlberg
Alexandra Esch
Thomas FitzGerald
Nicholas Guiang
Emmett Haak
Annika Ide
Alissa Krohn
Sarah Ley
Rachel Lindrud
Chang (Angelina) Liu
Pranay Somayajula
William Thao
Katherine Van Hecke
Benjamin Yoch


Sarah Ley


Declan Dahlberg

2018 National Merit Finalist

Sarah Ley

2018 National Merit Program

Alissa Krohn

2019 National Merit Program

Henry Peterson
Ajay Manicka

3M Corporate Scholarship through National Merit Program

Alissa Krohn
Pranay Somayajula

Quill & Scroll Award

Annika Ide
Alexandra Esch
Muna Aden
Tara Samsel

Music Letter Awards

Lindsey Baldwin
Brock Bliese
Mats Dahlberg
Tom FitzGerald
Izzy George
Lance Go
Nicholas Guiang
Emmett Haak
Rosy Haas
Devin Hill
Alissa Krohn
Gabby Law
Sarah Ley
Rachel Lindrud
Ajay Manicka
Kelly Myers
Laura O’Neill
Ian Olson
Flynn Opatz
Henry Peterson
Julia Portis
Haley Rhodes
Paul Thompson-Nelson
Syrena Vanchena
Lauren Vilendrer
Eric Zhang

Choir Outstanding Senior Award

Kelly Myers

Choir Director’s Award

Sarah Ley
Nick Guiang

All-State Choir

Gabby Law
Sarah Ley
Kelly Myers
Laura O’Neill

Orchestra Director’s Award

Declan Dahlberg

John Philip Sousa Band Award

Sarah Ley

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

Tom FitzGerald

Band Director’s Award

Kelly Myers
Nicholas Guiang

Visual Art Department Award

Alexandra Esch

Shattuck St. Mary’s Invitational Participants

Alex Esch – Photography
Abby Goodno – Ceramics
Lucy Larson – Ceramics
Siri Vorvick – Drawing and Painting
Mats Dahlberg – Painting and Mixed Media
Lily Madore – Drawing

Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards

Mats Dahlberg – Mixed Media
Alex Esch – Drawing
Ryan Guggenheim – Mixed Media
Olivia Hawley – Painting
Angelina Liu – Mixed Media
Annie Portoghese – Painting
Jose Varela Castillo – Drawing
Siri Vorvick – Drawing and Painting
Peter Wu – Drawing and Painting

St. Paul Jaycees Best 100 Participants

Abby Goodno – Ceramics
Sean Davis – Ceramics
Alex Esch – Photography and Photography Portfolio

Math Department Award

Alissa Krohn

English Department Award

Alexandra Esch

Science Department Award/Lois Williams Scholarship Award

Declan Dahlberg

Social Studies Department Award

Pranay Somayajula

Forensics Award

Pranay Somayajula

French Department Award

Sarah Ley

Spanish Department Award

Kate Van Hecke
Ryan Guggenheim

Drama Certificates of Excellence

Elena Kuypers
Ian Snider

Middle School Show Director’s Award

Solie Svennevig-Brosi
Isabella Portoghese

Winter Show Director’s Awards

Dani Honda
Lily Madore
Kate Van Hecke

Spring Show Director’s Award

Ryan Ghose
Elli Carlson
Kelly Myers
Bela Larsen

Jen DeGolier Award for Excellence in Technical Theatre

Jaeden McFarland

Rookie of the Year Award

Connor McFarland
Lilly Gasterland-Gustafson

Player of the Year Award

Kate Van Hecke

Panther Athletics Awards

Abby Goodno
Rachel Lindrud
Declan Dahlberg

State Athletes

Declan Dahlberg – Cross Country
Sumner Wu – Cross Country
Tanner Kozen – Cross Country
Matt Bourne – Cross Country
Henry Snider – Cross Country
Henry Peterson – Cross Country
Isak Nightingale – Cross Country
Margo Nightingale – Cross Country

Rachel Lindrud – Girls Tennis
Sofia Walker – Girls Tennis

Declan Dahlberg – Nordic Skiing
Matt Bourne – Nordic Skiing
Henry Snider – Nordic Skiing
Izzy Quam – Nordic Skiing
Margo Nightingale – Nordic Skiing

Isak Nightingale – Alpine Skiing
Emma Finch – Alpine Skiing

Brock Bliese – Boys Golf
Matt Berning – Boys Golf
Jackson Peacock – Boys Golf
Joe Mecklenburg – Boys Golf
Anthony Kuba – Boys Golf
Nick Guiang – Boys Golf

Rachel Lindrud – Girls Golf

Travis Mudge – Boys Tennis (team and individual)
Parker Law – Boys Tennis (team and individual)
Dillion Vue – Boys Tennis (team and individual)
Aneesh Syal – Boys Tennis
Karan Jain – Boys Tennis
Adam Reinke – Boys Tennis
Diego Valverde – Boys Tennis
Alexander Vue – Boys Tennis
Mario Larsen – Boys Tennis

Declan Dahlberg – Track And Field
Yahya Madar – Track And Field
Blake Henke– Track And Field

Athena Award

Abby Goodno

Girls’ State Participant

Muna Aden

Boys’ State Participant

Henry Peterson

Maplewood Rotary Student of the Month

William Thao

9th Grade Service Award

Katie Dahiya

10th Grade Service Award

Priya Manda

11th Grade Service Award

Rayaan Ahmed

12th Grade Service Award

Declan Dahlberg

Spirit of ’86 Award

Julia Portis

Junior Mission Statement Think Independently Award

Mats Dahlberg

Junior Mission Statement Effective Communication Award

Muna Aden

Junior Mission Statement Act With Respect and Integrity Award

Ellie Quam

Junior Mission Statement Intellectual Ambition Award

Henry Peterson

Junior Mission Statement Global Responsibility Award

Rayaan Ahmed

Junior Mission Statement Joy of Learning Award

Aneesh Syal

Certificates of Distinction

Alex Esch – Fine Arts
Pranay Somayajula – Global
Kate Van Hecke – Global

Future Alumni Leader Award

Isabella Portoghese

Alumni Association Award

Deneane Richburg ’96

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