dr. Hudson welcoming students on first day of schoolby Dr. Bill Hudson, Head of School

Welcome home to MPA! It was wonderful to see you Tuesday evening for Back to School Night. There was great energy and optimism in the school as we welcomed 80 new students and families to MPA and re-connected with returning families. The packed bleachers in the Lansing Center was a sight to behold and filled me with gratitude and great pride. As I stood at the south entrance on such a beautiful morning, the hugs, handshakes and high fives reminded me how fortunate I am to lead this amazing community. Thank you for the joy your family brings to our school.

A common theme emerges when students, parents, teachers, or staff are asked to describe MPA in one word. Family. The strong relationships that form between members of the MPA community resemble the bonds between family members. Because of those bonds, our students develop the confidence to discover and pursue their dreams and uncover their purpose in the world.

In October, we will welcome educators from independent schools across the Midwest who are serving on our accreditation visiting team. After one year of self-reflection here on campus, we seek their review and affirmation of the plans and priorities we offer as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. They will make a recommendation of accreditation to the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS), validating who we are as well as offering suggestions that will enhance our school. This is a very important part of the life of an independent school and I am looking forward to the process.

It is going to be a wonderful year. I am excited to welcome new students, families, teachers, and administrators to the MPA family and to witness the new energy and perspectives they bring to our community.

Thank you for entrusting your children to MPA. Now, more than ever, our young people need an extended family to support and guide them and provide a safe, nurturing environment in which to thrive. Welcome home to MPA.

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