chef Doug's dinner for faculty appreciationOn behalf of the Parents Association, thank you to all of the parents and volunteers who generously donated their time, gift cards, and goodies during Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week. A special thanks to chef Doug Pittman and his staff at Sage for providing a delicious dinner and snacks throughout the week, and to Vern Kissner and the maintenance staff for all of the set-up and extra work they did. The faculty and staff were very appreciative of our efforts to thank them for all they do.

And congratulations to our gift card winners Sarah McFarland, Dan Haase, Craig Dodson, Marc Shapiro, Mark Segal, Jason Schwalen, Angie Gerstner, Nate Bander, Rose Wick, Ashley Goetzke, Susan Roberston, Jake Eibon, Leah Abbe Bloem, Martha Castellanos, Rachel Amundsen, Becky Tesdahl, Michael Vergin, Randy Comfort, Josh Rohricht, Ariel Kitsch, and Pat Reinhardt!

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