Walk Two Moons posterThe cast and crew of “Walk Two Moons” are so excited to perform next week! The show premieres in the Black Box Theatre on Friday, November 16 at 7 PM, Saturday, November 17 at 2 PM, and Sunday, November 18 at 2 PM. Purchase your tickets here!

“Walk Two Moons” is lovingly adapted for the stage with the same nuance and surprises offered by the original book. Utilizing multiple narrative frames, the play leaps back and forth through time and memory as 13-year-old Sal tells the story of the disappearance of her best friend Phoebe’s mother. Determined to find her, the two girls begin seeing murderous plots and schemes around every corner. Sal shares these conspiracy theories with her Gram and Gramps during a cross-country road trip to confront her own mother, who left her and her father a year ago. But it is only through telling Phoebe’s story that Sal truly understands why her mother left and whether or not they’ll ever be together again.

Cast And Crew
Violette C.
Kate P.
Ema S.
Lia S.
Maddie D.
Eleanor H.
Sylvia H.
Molly V.
Greta H.
Annika B.
Logan S.
Audrey J.
Luca D.
Ari O.
Gabi A.
Ethan M.
Sam D.
Zoya N.
Kensi B.
Valerie S.
Joey D.
Ida L.
Amelia V.
Brianna D.
Lynne H.
Gabe M.

Makeup Crew
Olivia M.
Bea H.
Elle G.
Lucy S.
Gabriela M.
Lily R.

Stage Manager
Jaeden McFarland

Assistant Stage
Connor McFarland
Chloe McCluskey

Light/Sound Board Operator
Gabe M.

Running Crew
Matt D.

Sound/Light Crew
Gabe M.

House Managers
Alex M.
Rowan M.

Stage/Props Crew
Matt D.
Cynthia G.
Gabe M.
Alex M.
Sonia O.
Emma Purdy
Mia Purdy
Lucy S.

Costume Crew Heads
Charlotte Bergh
Eirwyn Walter

Graphic Artist
Amelia Dickson

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