by Dr. Bill Hudson, Head of School

If you have logged into Facebook or checked your email today, you are well aware that today is Give to the Max Day. Across the state of Minnesota, this day is a celebration of the power of philanthropy to change lives. For MPA, today marks a celebration of our generous donors who are so very dedicated to our students and who believe in making an impact on our school community.

The mission of Mounds Park Academy is vibrant and powerful, delivered by talented and caring teachers, and is having a tremendous impact on the lives of our students each day. Impact means to have a strong effect on someone or something. You share in that impact by the value you place on learning, the investment you are making in the education of your children, and your commitment and support of Mounds Park Academy.

I give to MPA because I witness the impact of an MPA education every day:

  • I see how the students treat one another with kindness and how they accept and include one another.
  • I watch them in the Makerspace as they develop a design-thinking mindset and approach to problem-solving.
  • I listen to the senior speeches and hear story after story of how they have overcome challenges, embraced who they are, and come to realize their passions.
  • I observe students in classes as they think critically and grapple with complex topics, led by exceptional teachers who know and care about each one of them.
  • I hear stories from alumni about their amazing accomplishments and how the MPA education and experience prepared them so well.

All of these reasons demonstrate how our students dream big and do right. This, our motto, serves to sharpen and focus our efforts to inspire students to identify problems in our community and our world, use their values, knowledge, gifts, and talents to address them, and develop the confidence and courage to challenge the status quo. Now, more than ever, our young people need a community like MPA to support and guide our children and provide for them a safe, nurturing environment in which to thrive.

I contribute to the MPA Fund to make this happen, to have an impact on young people who will leave MPA and change the world. Our goal today is to raise $100,000. When we reach $75,000 in gifts a $25,000 anonymous bonus gift will get us to our goal.

I am profoundly grateful for all you do for MPA, not least of all entrusting your children to us.  Please join me today and celebrate together the power of philanthropy to change lives.

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