Ms. Meras washing trash binsIn May 2018, Middle School faculty members Ms. Meras, Ms. Powell, and Ms. Nagle first began thinking of ways to eliminate the food waste in the cafeteria. With the help of a Ramsey County grant and members of EcoConsilium, MPA was able to purchase a food recycling system and larger waste bins. MPA’s food waste is now sent to a pig farm, where it can all be recycled. There are two other bins available for trash and recyclable materials. While it was a change from simply dumping all lunch garbage into three bins instead of one, our school has ┬áreceived positive feedback and high remarks that we are doing an impactful and excellent job of sorting our food waste.

In an effort to further the sustainable waste program, we are upgrading all the recycling bins in the building. The new bins will be a solid blue color and all bins will now be clearly labeled for either garbage and recycling. Overall, MPA received $10,220 in grants from Ramsey County to fund these exciting changes. During the first week of summer break, Ms. Meras, Ms. Powell, and Ms. Nagle along with help from facilities staff members Mr. Connors, Mr. Schneider, and Mr. McLees collected and cleaned all of the existing bins on campus. We are grateful for their enthusiasm and hard work to make MPA a greener, more environmentally-conscious place. Look out for brand new garbage and recycling bins in the fall, Panthers!

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