outside of the south entrance at MPAIt is MPA’s responsibility to provide the safest campus environment possible for you and your children—this is our number one priority. We’d like to share some important traffic safety reminders. Please share this information with all of the drivers in your home, in addition to others who may provide transportation for you. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Distracted Driving
Parents and students are asked to refrain from using cell phones (hands free or otherwise) while driving on campus, especially when children are present. This helps us all to be aware of the children moving around us and keep the traffic flow steady and uncongested.

Please Slow Down
Keep your speed at or below 10 MPH, depending upon the time of day and the area of campus. This is particularly important near crosswalks.

Drive-Thru Lanes
We realize it can be a frustrating time in the morning and afternoon as students unload/reload all of their things for the day and that many drivers are in a hurry to get to work or an evening commitment. We’d like to ask, in the interest of safety, courtesy, and efficiency, that drivers refrain from pulling in front of another car or “leap-frogging” to the front. To make the process as efficient as possible, please pull up all the way to the crosswalk to allow for maximum space in the drive-thru lanes.

If you find yourself needing to avoid the congested Lower School drive-thru lane, Middle and Upper School families are encouraged to consider dropping off and picking up their children at more convenient locations. Middle School students may use the line that forms by door #4 (Black Box) and Upper School students may use the line that forms at door #7 (North Entrance).

Entering and Exiting the Car
Children should only be allowed to enter and exit the car from the right/curb side in the drive-thru lanes. If you need to exit the car to help your children in or out, please do so with caution. Additionally, if you decide that you need to park in a lot during drop off and/or pick up, please take extra precaution to ensure your child is safe and uses the appropriate crosswalks to enter the building.

No Left Turn between 3 and 3:30 PM
Making a left-hand turn when coming from the west on Larpenteur into the Lower School drive-thru lane is not allowed in the afternoons. There is often not room in the line for extra cars and the confusion that ensues is not safe. Please approach and enter the line from the east instead. Should you need to approach from the west, continue past the drive-thru entrance and safely turn around on Beebe Road to enter the line.

The only exceptions to this are for school buses and families who have purchased a parking space just past the crosswalk. Those cars are provided with mirror tags, which should be visible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. Again, thank you for helping us ensure our campus remains safe for everyone. You and your children are precious to all of us here at MPA.

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