Together, We Dream is a unique philanthropic campaign supporting several key milestones with four distinct priorities. The first of these priorities was the completion of our school’s commons, cafeteria, and kitchen which students, faculty and staff, and community members are already enjoying. Thanks to your generosity, we are excited to share with you the impact of these new spaces. In the coming months, we will be sharing additional stories of impact and how Together, We Dream is helping to enhance social environments, create new learning spaces, secure our future, and advance athletics and Panther pride. On behalf of students, faculty, and staff, thank you.

The spaces we share matter. It’s where memories are created, learning is fostered, and our community is built.

“My son Henry LOVES the upgraded booth seating in his new cafeteria! Sitting at a booth for lunch was one of the highlights of his first day of school. He shared with me that he feels ‘lucky’ to have such a nice space for lunch,” said Suzanne Schwartz, MPA Parent.

Your gift has allowed us to create flexible spaces with adaptive seating enjoyed by PreK-12 students.

“MPA students are in the cafeteria daily. It is important that they have an inviting space for lunch,” said Jim and Nansee Greeley MPA Parents of Alumni. “In this day and age of technology it is important that we provide students time to interact with each other without the distraction of phones and computers. The kitchen upgrade will insure the continuance of healthy, appealing lunches.”

You stood up for what you believe in, and thanks to your support, we have already achieved so much for our students.

img-responsive“Students haven’t wasted a second in putting the new commons, cafeteria, and state-of-the-art kitchen to use. They are gathering, collaborating, and connecting with one another in new ways,” beamed Dr. Bill Hudson, Head of School. “Seeing kids create community over a fresh, nutritious meal, or gathering together to brainstorm an idea for a club or class project is exactly how we wanted this space to be used. In the coming months, I can’t wait to see parents, grandparents, alumni, and parents of alumni also join together to celebrate the spirit of MPA in our beautiful new space.”

Whether you’re a proud parent or grandparent, a committed community member, a dedicated teacher, a loyal alum, or even a student yourself—your support for the Together, We Dream Enhanced Social Environments Priority has resulted in a renovated commons, cafeteria, and kitchen that is a dream come true.

Thank you to our generous community.

3M Foundation
Chris and Billi Jo Aamodt
Thomas Abbe Bloem
Amanda Abdo Sheahan ’92 and Bill Sheahan
Jill Abramson ’91 and Jonathan Malamy
Adolfson & Peterson Construction
Jonathan and Patricia Akers
Ahmed Ali and Amina Warfa
Jonathan Allan ’03
Beatrice Alvarez
Kathryn Andersen ’09
Leah and Karl Anderson
Tamra and Richard Anderson
Jessica Appert
Apple Inc.
Steve and Jane Arsenault
Beth Averbeck and Gary Schwochau
Robert and Julie Averbeck
Ryan Baldwin and Heidi Nelson Baldwin
Matthew Bander ’11
Nate Bander ’09
Michael Bander
Bank of America
Eric Baudry ’10
Mary and Bryan Beggin
Andrew Bendelsmith ’09
Amit and Ankita Bhalla
Jyue and Hatice Bilgic Lim
Emily (Spilseth) ’91 and Bryce Binstadt
David and Chari Binstadt
Mel and Susan Blowers
Jessica Blue and Jon Bergh
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Neelu and Rama Boddipalli
Alexandra Bolduan ’05
Kay Bolduan
Brendan Boyle ’14
Brian and Jennifer Boyle
Stephanie Boyum ’00
Robin and Gregg Brooksbank
Charles Brower ’09
Courtenay Brown ’91 and Whitney Burroughs
Kofi Bruce and Amy Christensen-Bruce
Dan Bruggeman and Mary Rothchild
Mary Bydlon
Cathryn Camacho ’04
Huck and Chrissie Cammack
Amanda Campbell
Amelia (Lyle) Canine ’03
Colleen Casey and Kurt Keogh
James Caspers and Cory Pope
Martha and Rolando Castellanos
Karl Chun and Jane Neumann
Class of 2019
Ellen Colton ’15
Randy Comfort and Lisa Fisher-Comfort
Anna (Krenkel) Connelly ’08
Thomas Connors
Norbert and Mary Ellen Conzemius
James ’97 and Samantha Cordon
Jenean and Peter Cordon
John and Gretchen Corkrean
Robert Craven and Deborah Cran
Michael Dai and Gail Engstrom
Juliet Dana ’05
Dennis Davidson and Stéphanie Bernatchez
Ian del Rio Albrechtsen and Beatriz Chavez Rodriguez
James Densley and Emily Faber-Densley
Anne and Randy Devout Atchison
Zoe and Maxwell Dickson
William Dierenfield ’09
Robert Dingmann
Craig and Andrea Dodson
Sally Doherty and Karen Weiss
Dominick and Nancy Driano
Jeremy Drucker ’97
Eaton Charitable Fund
Ecolab Foundation
Larry Edwards and Missy McDonald
Jean Eibon
Dan and Elizabeth Esch
Mari Espeland and Ken Dahlberg
Daniel Ethier
Nan Etzwiler and Dan O’Neill
Jonathon Faust and Jessica Flynn
Adam Fetcher ’02
Elizabeth and David Finch
Kathleen Finnegan
Allan ’93 and Trine Flinn
Elizabeth Flinsch ’98
Les and Meredith Forgosh
Jerry and Karen Francois
Dominic and Pamela Frecentese
Gary and Ellen Galbavy
Eleanor Galicich ’17
Walter and Stefanie Galicich
Nick and Ingrid Gangestad
James and Joan Gardner
Jamie and Cindy Gardner
Jennifer Gatti and Michael Hanson
Chris ’93 and Katie Gehrz
Angela and Matthew Gerstner
Ann Frances Gregg and Lucas Gerstner
Charles and Ellen Gerstner
Molly Gherty ’02
Rahoul Ghose and Lynne Bardy
Ashley and Matt Goetzke
Goldman Sachs Match Gift Program
Jon and Carla Grabanski
Craig and Lucia Gray
Nansee and James Greeley
Kristi (Wood) ’89 and Jeremy Green
Richard and Carol Gross
Sixto Guiang and Jennifer Mehmel
David and Laurel Gunderson
John Habermann
Clare Halloran ’03 and Timothy Sheehan
Marie Hanson
Hannah Harms ’17
John Velin and Jane Harper
Kevin and Polly Hart
John and Catherine Harvanko
Alexandra Hiniker ’05
Suzanne Haynes ’94
Andrea Heil ’10
Julianne Heil ’08
Jason and Kris Helgeson
Olivia (Lansing) ’06 and Bror Herrick
Michelle Hesterberg ’07
Thomas Hockert and Laura Mack Hockert
Wayne and Dianne Hoeschen
Scott and Jennifer Holloway
Christian Holmen ’90
Thomas Hooven ’97 and Christina Graves
William Hudson and Ross Olson
Thomas and Mercedes Jackson
Douglas and Kimberly Jakway
Chris and Jeanine Jesmer
Denise Johnson
Evelyn and Steve Johnson
Kevin and Jayme Johnson
Peter Johnson and Melissa Tuura-Johnson
Norman Jones and Sandra Schreur Jones
Beryl Kaczmarczik ’08
James Kaczmarczik and Eloise Maki
Rachel (Gates) ’02 and Ravi Katkar
Lindsey Kenyon ’08
Peter Kieselbach ’06
Thomas and Anna (Davies) Kieselbach
Ross and Janet Kimmerle
Yamini and Carl Kimmerle
Robert King
Kimberley (Hansen) ’06 and Nate Kirby
Abigail Kline-Duffine ’98 and Alex Duffine
Teresa Knoedler ’96 and Keith Wolter
Alexander Knox ’29
Abigail Kohls ’09
Robyn and Jeffrey Kramer
Gerry and Marcia Kraut
Lesley Kroupa ’97 and Christopher Kearns
Kari and Jeffrey Kunze-Hoeg
Maurice Kuypers and Denise Rutherford
Paul Lafferty and Tara Matthews Lafferty
Robin Lalor and Steve Schaffel
Rodney and Jennifer Landers
Thomas and Karen Lansing
Ilse and Todd Larsen
Matthew and Christine Larson
Ue Yang Lee
Randy and Jenny Lindrud
Lisa Litchfield
Richard Liu and Wen Yu
LSE Architects
Carole Lynne
Sheri (Boerbon) ’86 and Thomas Lyons
Matt and Jennifer MacDonald
Barry Madore and Kirstin Scanlan Madore
Ruth Madore
Philip and Larisa Manger
Isaac Marshall ’11
Frederick Martin
Phil and Stephanie Martineau
Jason and Sandra Martinek
George and Anastasia Mastrogiorgis
Thomas Masuda
Nishani McCluskey
Sarah and James McFarland
Karli (Gasteazoro) McGill ’03
Daniel and Heidi McKeown
Chris and Julia McLaughlin
Pat McLees
Medtronic Foundation
Joshua Meltzer ’09
Arielle Melum ’09
Michael and Susan Mercer
Jennifer Merry-Baldwin ’87 and Joseph Baldwin
Isaac Mick ’29
Freya Mick
Timothy and Michelle Mick
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Jennifer and John Milam
John Miller
Scott Miller
Cameron Montour ’07
Elizabeth Montour
Satchel Moore ’04
Ellyn (Scibora) ’91 and Chris Mortimer
Jeffrey and Jacqueline Mudge
Katherine and Dan Murr
Laura Myers ’11
Peter and Karla Myers
Julia Nelson
Chad ’97 and Laura Nicholson
Ford and Catherine Nicholson
Pondie Nicholson Taylor ’02 and Mark Taylor
Richard and Nancy Nicholson
Rob and Mary Nicoski
Michael and Pam Nightingale
Wendy and Michael Odeen
Jesse Okie and Mary Harrington
Ben and Rita Olk
Cooper Olson ’16
Adam Pabarcus ’03
Christopher ’95 and Danielle Parish
Brent and Melissa Peacock
Piper Jaffray Employee Giving Program
Doug Pittman and Janice Beck
Amanda Platson
Sarah Plumb
Chris and Dwight Porter
Isabella Portoghese ’19
Quest Diagnostics Matching Gift Program
Anudeep Rahil and Timinder Biring
Sunderraju Ramachandran and Ashajyothi Siddappa
Josh Reimnitz
Ellen Rest
Kevin Rhodes and Melinda Lopes
Scott and Sally Richie
Adrienne (Bodeur) ’02 and Kyle Risner
Todd and Renee Roach
Samuel Robinson ’06
Jennifer Rogers
Rich Rolfs and Mary Zygmunt Rolfs
Meg Rose ’89
Vance Ryan ’08 and Danessa Snustad
James and Lois Rydeski
Sage Dining Services, Inc.
Timothy and Melinda Samsel
Alex ’10 and Jennifer Samuelson Heegaard
Alec Savchenko ’94
Joe and Vonda Schertz
John Schneider
Laurel Schwartz ’11
Gary and Suzanne Schwartz
Mark and Judith Segal
Rollie and Muriel Seltz
William ’88 and Stephanie Seymour
Paul Shapiro ’05
Daniel and Emily Shapiro
Marc and Kathy Shapiro
Benjamin Silberglitt and Amy Treeful
Brent Sill
Thomas and Caroline Simonson
David and Adele Smith
Tim and Maria Smith
Renee and David Sonka
Suzanne Sotelo ’89
Sean Springer ’13
Greta Stacy ’11
DeeDee and Jess Stacy
Jill Stanze
Elaine Steinman
Jennie Steldt ’94
Emily Stevens
Ann Stewart ’11
Stacey Stewart and Liz Lane
Thomas and Bonnie Strand
Tom and Diana Strobel
Patti and Kent Swette-Osman
Stephen and Angeline Tan
Tobi Tanzer and Rene Tragatsch
Avalon (Levey) Taylor ’11
Robert and Grizelda Taylor
The Saint Paul Foundation
Thomson Reuters
Thrivent Financial
Edward (Trey) ’93 and Megan Titcomb
Sofia Troullier ’17
Norm Troullier and Christine Stanson
Benjamin Ullery ’00
United Health Group
Mani and Harini Upadhyaya
Christopher Utgaard ’92
Stephen Vacca and Judith Hennen
Michael and Lisa Vale
Arturo and Daniella Valverde
Katherine Van Hecke ’18
John and Beth Van Hecke
Anne and Gary Vanic
Michael Velin ’06 and Ashley Cooper
Mary B. Vergin
Michael and Stephanie Vergin
Gina Wallraff
Todd Wandell ’95
Natalie Waters Seum and Bradley Seum
KaTrina and Paul Wentzel
Steven and Renee West
Alan Troske and Mikki Williams
Sarah Wineman ’10
Thomas Wolfe and Sally Silk
Garseng Wong ’11
Jessica Wong ’05
Ryan Wood ’96
Judith A. Wood
Renee and David Wright
Pat and Jill Wyant
Debora Yones ’89
Bernie and Evie Zeruhn
James Ziegler and Susan Knapp
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