PA culture day Chinese new yarThank you to our PA Neighborhood Coffee hosts Reema Anwar, Seema Anwar, Susan DeBruzzi, Amy Purdy, Kim Jakway, Lucia Gray, Juliana Bixby, Laura Hockert, and Lisa Vale! It was wonderful to gather with all of you last weekend.

Faculty and Staff Appreciation week is coming soon and that’s our chance to say thank you for all they do. Please sign-up to show your appreciation!

Also, coming up is Culture Day at MPA. Wednesday, October 23 from 3-6:30 PM. Please note date change from October 26 to October 23! Join us for a gastronomic tour around the world as we share sweet and savory delicacies from 10 countries. Learn how to make “worry dolls” from Guatemala. Master Origami, the Japanese art of paper-folding. Enjoy musical and dance performances by our talented MPA students. Go home with some cool body art from an expert henna artist.

We are seeking volunteers to make this happen: food servers, decoration and set-up helpers, performers, etc. We would like representation from as many countries and cultures as possible, including the United States. Sign-up here or email!

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