A Special Bring A Friend Day Experience From Nathan M. And Marcell S-C.Has a friend ever asked, “What makes MPA so special?” Or perhaps you know a family who is “SO MPA?” Bring A Friend To MPA Day is a wonderful way to have their children experience firsthand what it is like to be student at Mounds Park Academy. Read on for fifth graders Nathan M. and Marcell S-C’s Bring A Friend To MPA Day experience! Marcell enrolled after having attended last year’s Bring A Friend To MPA Day.

Nathan, what made you want to bring Marcell for Bring A Friend To MPA Day?
I wanted to hang out with Marcell and show him my school. We’ve been friends since second grade. Before this year when Marcell wasn’t at MPA, I wished he could have been going here.

Marcell, how did going to Bring A Friend To MPA Day help you make your decision to come to MPA?
Because Nathan went there, I knew about MPA and knew it was a good school, but then Bring A Friend Day was when I saw that MPA was really different than the other schools I used to go to. Probably the combination of meeting the teachers and meeting the other kids on Bring A Friend Day made me want to come to school at MPA with Nathan.

How was Bring A Friend To MPA Day when you guys did it?
Marcell: I wished Bring A Friend Day was longer! It should be two days so the friends can experience all the classes on both A and B days. One thing that I remember really liking was P.E. class, where we played a fun game called poison ball. I was really excited to see all the cool stuff that Nathan and the other kids could do with their laptops too.

Nathan: Even though I’ve just been in Lower School and Middle School so far, I know the whole school really well, and I really wanted to show Marcell how big it is.

What would you say to someone thinking about bringing a friend for Bring A Friend To MPA Day?
Marcell: Make sure they play Ga-Ga ball and 9 Square at recess with everyone. It’s a great way to meet lots of other kids.

Nathan: I’d tell them that it’s really important to show their friend around the school and to show off MPA.

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