MPA debate at their first tournamentThe Mounds Park Academy debate team attended its first tournament of the year at Eastview High School last weekend. Out of 44 students that competed at the tournament, 15 won awards!

In the novice division, Chloe Appert and Tanner Gasteazoro won a ribbon with a 3-1 record, and the team of Dhruv Muppidi and Jenna Sherwood placed sixth out of 72 teams with a perfect 4-0 record. In Junior Varsity, the teams of Charlotte Bergh and Ruby Schweiger and Fiona Blank and Anna Gaudio earned ribbons with 3-1 records, while Salmah Elmasry and Emma Cohen earned third place and a trophy. In Varsity, two teams took home awards with Isak Dai and Charlie Galicich earning seventh place and Ryan Ghose and Garrett Hollihan earning fifth place. Ellen Vergin was tied for top speaker out of 43 Varsity competitors, and Salmah Elmasry was the first place speaker in Junior Varsity out of 62 competitors. Go Panthers!

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