The sun finally made an appearance at one of our cross country meets, although it came along with cold temperatures and windy conditions. You took advantage of the fine running weather to record nine personal best times and earned three state qualifications!

Our varsity boys were up first. Unfortunately, Isak was unable to run as his hip was bothering him. Better safe than sorry. Henry led our boys, chasing one of the better runners in the state and finishing 2nd to qualify for the state meet. His time was close to what he ran last year in this meet. Cullen started very quickly, but found the second half of the race difficult. Peter had some trouble breathing, which limited him during the race. Evan improved his best time by 24 seconds. A nice way to finish his year. Ben, now serving as our 5th runner, improved his best time by 11 seconds. Liam, running only his second varsity race, improved his previous time by 16 seconds. There is definitely a lot to look forward to from these boys in future years.

Our girls were a little late getting to the starting line, but that didn’t seem to slow them down. Margo led our girls, finishing 4th to qualify for the state meet. Katie, in her first race since her muddy Milaca injury, ran like she’d never been gone. She recorded her second best ever time, finishing 10th and qualifying for the state meet. Izzy Q., after giving up on her coach’s overly ambitious race plan, ran her best race of the year. Cara improved her best time by 47 seconds! Seniors Skylar, Izzy G., and Mari rounded things out for our girls. Skylar ran her best time of the season. Izzy G. was just a few seconds from her best ever time. And Mari improved her best time by six seconds, breaking 26 minutes for the first time. The girls team finished in 5th place for their efforts.

Our large junior varsity contingent was last up. Eddie was first to finish, sporting a sleek new haircut, and running just a few seconds from his best time. Henry G. also finished just seconds from his best time. Noah sprinted to a new personal best time by 50 seconds. But Zain took the prize for the largest improvement of the day, improving his personal best time by 4 minutes! Eilam was our final junior varsity boy, cracking 30 minutes for the first time.

Amy led our junior varsity girls, improving her previous time by 37 seconds. Sophia, finally able to race after a season of frustrating foot problems, ran well to finish her first race. Salma was next up, sticking with her race despite not feeling very good. Amy ran just her second race, and looked much stronger than her first effort.

Three of our runners, Henry, Margo, and Katie, will continue on to the state meet. For our four senior girls, Skylar, Izzy G., Emily, and Mari, this was their final high school cross country race. You added so much to our team over the years, and we will miss you. Who will wear the pajamas on this team now?

Results for the boys and girls varsity are at Gopher State Events.


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