On a cold, blustery day, you all ran outstanding performances at the always challenging state championship.

Margo and Katie were first up. The plan was to run a patient first mile and try to pass a lot of runners during the second and third miles. Margo ran a little quicker during the first mile than she had intended, but she held her place during the second mile. She picked it up a little during her third mile, passing 23 runners. She finished in 39th place in 19:55, her best performance at the state meet in her three appearances.

Katie hit her goal time for the mile split almost exactly, doing 6:19. She slowed during her second mile, but did hold onto her position. She picked it up a little bit during the third mile and passed a couple of runners. She finished in 21:01 in 114th place, improving on her time and place from last year.

Henry was next up. It wasn’t any warmer, but the starting pace was hot! The leader went through his first mile in 4:41! Henry kept his cool and hit his first mile in 4:59, almost exactly as planned. He passed 11 runners during his second mile, moving up to 10th place. He maintained his pace and held onto his position during his third mile to finish in 10th place, earning a medal and all state honors.

This was a nice finish to the season for all of you. But for Henry and Katie, to run well in a season where they faced a great deal of adversity and dealt with serious injuries is really a credit to their persistence.

With this race, we bid farewell to seniors Henry and our manager Grace. Thanks to both of you for all your contributions to our team over the years!

Results for the girls and boys are available at Wayzata Results.


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