Lindsey Metcalf Kenyon '08Meet 2019-20 Alumni Association Board member Lindsey Metcalf Kenyon ’08!

Lindsey is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department. Once she found out that she could possibly go somewhere or discover something that no one else has before, she was set on being a geologist and scientist. She followed her “nerdy-ness” and love of the outdoors to Michigan Technological University. There, she was a part of cutting-edge funded undergraduate research projects and later went to the University of Alabama for her Masters, where she engaged in field work in Antarctica, going to those places she had previously dreamed of where no one had been before. While there, she kept in touch with Ms. Reardon-Offerman, who was her math teacher at MPA.

“She really made me realize how proud I should be of what I have already accomplished. Even now her encouragement makes me want to go farther and accomplish more as a woman in STEM,” Lindsey said.

Daily, Lindsey says she is thinking independently, communicating effectively, and acting with respect and integrity, and has MPA to thank for helping her develop those skills so well. She is also still very motivated by the joy of learning. And now, as an Alumni Board member, she is looking forward to serving the community that developed her as a student and prepared her for college and beyond.

“I really think that MPA teaches you to try something new, dream big, and actually helps equip students to achieve those dreams using academic and interpersonal skills. MPA has also instilled in me a need to act where there is injustice. I am more aware of and active in making sure STEM careers are available to all because MPA taught me how to advocate for what is right,” she said. “I want to help other students feel the same way after being at MPA.”

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