ceci driano's self portrait Art is an essential element in the growth and development of every student at MPA. Visual art provides learning experiences for students to create and produce solutions to visual problems. Through a variety of methods and their own authentic experiences, students develop skills in self-expression and realize an appreciation of art in the world around them.

The Upper School Applied Drawing class is a visual opportunity for students to truly see and record life and ideas as they are interpreted. The current Applied Drawing students produced time-lapse videos to showcase each stage of their self-portrait processes. Equipped with drawing fundamentals, students are challenged to develop technical skills while also developing their own style. In class, they are guided to finished drawings, facing visual challenges using a design process, as the finished self-portraits represent. Watch them as they navigate the process below!

Amelia Dickson’s Self-Portrait

Satori Lewen’s Self-Portrait

Vicky Taylor’s Self-Portrait

Ceci Driano’s Self Portrait

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