middle school students together on the playgroundby Dr. Bill Hudson, Head of School

There has been a song running through my mind over the last several weeks as we’ve banded together as a school, nation, and world, to battle COVID-19. It comes from a time-honored and critically acclaimed movie, “High School Musical.” “We’re All in this Together” is one of those catchy, syrupy songs that once you hear it, it’s hard to get out of your head. However, deep down, there is an important message. So much so that I adjusted the lyrics a bit and recorded my own version of the song to inspire (horrify, with my tone-deaf singing) our faculty and staff.

The simple truth is that we are in this together, and it is through community that we will emerge successfully, and stronger, on the other side of this crisis. Expressions of community and the affinity members of the MPA community feel for one another abound these days. As a community, we’ve come together to provide stability and continuity for our students. Parents have come together as well, through formal and informal channels, to support, counsel, and learn from one another.

In less than a week, we have an opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate our shared values and aspirations. Our annual Spring Auction was to take place on the top floor of a warehouse in Lowertown St. Paul overlooking the lights of the city. While that will not be possible, we will still come together, virtually, to celebrate the best of MPA. Through Zoom, we have the opportunity to join with one another from our kitchens and dining rooms across the metro area and raise both our spirits and the necessary funds to support MPA.

One of the benefits of this year’s virtual auction is that it is a family-friendly celebration. I hope your entire family will join us as we share accomplishments of students and teachers, as well as some student music performances. The auction items, fund-a-need donations, and the live event are all open to our extended community as well. I hope you’ll consider sharing the Spring Auction bidding and giving options far and wide! Your family, friends, and business colleagues have the chance for the first time ever to join in without being with us in person.

Our traditional Fund-A-Need this year will go towards establishing a Community Care Fund. I know that the world is facing extreme uncertainty right now. I also know the education of our students cannot wait, and that is why we quickly implemented virtual learning at MPA. Now, I need your help not only to ensure the crucial resources are available to continue to support every student, but also to create a community care fund in support of families, students, and faculty and staff who may be particularly in need because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re all in this together and I need you now, more than ever, to ensure every student and staff member has what they need to dream big, do right, and light up the world.

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