It was a long week in the gardens on campus, as our volunteer restoration crew discovered them flooded after heavy rainstorms. Covered in half a foot of water, they weren’t sure what could be done to recover the young seedlings and careful work that had been put in over the past few weeks. Luckily, several heroes came to the rescue. Ms. Johnson and Ms. P had encouraging words of support for the garden crew. Chef Doug helped with moving the excess mulch, raising spirits, and refocusing energy into the garden work. Facilities team members Andy and Josh were also essential in draining the flood with a silk net technique.

Since the flood, the garden has received ten bags of river rock to help drainage, six large rocks around the downspout near Ms. Stinsons’ classroom to help stem the flow of water, and native Northern Iris and Liatris near the library. The plants have been rescued from the flooded area and weeded by Chef Doug. Dill and carrot seedlings have started to emerge, and cherry tomatoes are beginning to develop. The garden is also welcoming many dragonflies, swallowtails, monarch butterflies, and baby toads!

Coming up next, the volunteers plan to plant two birch trees, place more plants and seeds, study the effect of the silk net and rock drainage, and continue weeding. They are also looking into more hardscaping for the pathway in order to make sure the gardens are accessible to all.

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