Middle school student wearing her mask correctlyScientific evidence from public health experts, the MN Department of Health, and the CDC indicates that risks to students and staff can be kept low if schools adhere to strict control measures, including wearing a face mask.

  • The mask should fit snugly to cover the nose bridge, mouth, and chin and should not gap on the sides.
  • The mask should stay across the nose without slipping down. If it slips regularly, the fit isn’t quite right.
  • Masks should be made of tightly-woven cloth such as higher thread count cotton and 2-3 layers thick.
  • Ensure the mask fits around the ears, but isn’t too tight. Straps shouldn’t twist—if they do, the fit isn’t quite right.
  • Masks should be washed daily, so multiple masks are recommended to have on hand at home, and your student should arrive to school with two masks each day: wearing one, and an extra on hand.
  • Watch a helpful video on mask-wearing >

A Lower-Middle School Note

Adult-sized or standard sized masks may be too big for K-5th grade students, or smaller faces of older students. We recommend trying different types and sizes made for your child’s age and size. Many masks you might buy online for adults may not fit our younger students. Their mask should fit over their nose and to their cheekbones, and the bottom of the mask should cover below the chin, but not be hanging.

While there is never a “zero risk” scenario, we strive to achieve low risk through layered protocols that can adapt to the uncertainty of this pandemic. MPA will continue its focus on layered protection, shared responsibility, a commitment to equity, being flexible, and erring on the side of caution. Planning and adaptation will continue this summer and throughout the school year as we react to the dynamic changes occurring in our school and local communities. Teachers will educate students on the importance of these protocols, provide ample opportunities to practice these safety strategies, and shepherd students in a positive and non-threatening manner throughout the school day.

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