The weather was cloudy with a little drizzle at times. But our girls were shining bright.

Margo led our varsity girls. She was dealing with some painful hip flexors, but after some strength and stretching, she decided to race. She ran with the top SPA girls for 2 miles, but then the hip flexor got painful and she wisely backed off. She still managed to finish 4th.

Cara ran very well to take almost a minute off her best time on this course. Izzy was not far behind, with a time not that far off her time at last year’s IMAC Championship near the end of the season on this course. Abigail, running her first varsity race, knocked almost 5 minutes off her previous personal best time! If she does that again, Margo will be looking over her shoulder. Sophia wrapped things up for our varsity girls. In this small field, she wound up running alone, but still managed to take over a minute off her previous personal best time.

Later in the afternoon, Amy made her way to Battle Creek to run in the junior varsity race. She had never run this course, but the girls from Minnehaha were nice enough to show her the way. Amy started out cautiously, but turned it up a notch during the second half of the race. Showing some determination, she finished strongly.

All the times (including the varsity winner) were on the slower side. This was everyone’s first race. And if you think about previous years, we would be running our first race on Saturday. So these are early days. Running in a meet with just three teams is also a very different experience, with many gaps forming, leaving runners running alone, which is much harder.

With more interval workouts (did I mention that we will be doing 600s on Monday?) and a few more races, you will be sharp and ready to race your best times.

You can see the results for our girls here.

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