Nancy sage bringing lower schools students through the new librarySince returning from winter break, being on campus has been extra exciting and bustling in the brand new library! We asked MPA Librarian Nancy Lage to reflect on the first few weeks of the library being open. “Our beautiful new state of the art library is located in the heart of the school. It has exceeded all of my expectations and I’m so grateful that our entire community will now have the opportunity to enjoy it,” she said. In between flurries of classes eager to use the new spaces on campus, she had wonderful recollections to share. But if you have not been in the new space yourself, we invite you to experience it firsthand!

Do you have a favorite new library moment so far?
It’s been so rewarding to watch students, parents, and colleagues walk in the new library for the first time. Many people feel a lot of emotion. They look around and see how beautiful the new spaces are, and it gives them an overwhelming feeling of joy, excitement, and inspiration. To see the expressions on their faces is just priceless–I wish everyone could have the opportunity to see what it’s like when people walk in and see the facility for the first time. I think those emotional moments that took me by surprise are my favorite.

What are students saying about it?
I hear them say “It’s beautiful, my favorite spot in the school, awesome, I love it, it’s so bright, I love the natural light, it’s a great use of space… can I live here?!” A student recently entered the library and just stood there. When I asked if I could help her with something, she said, “I’m just looking at all the spaces and trying to decide which one I like the best!” And parents have a lot to say, too. A parent recently stopped in and said, “When I walk into the library, I feel the spirit of the school. This space is so inspiring.”

How are classes in the library enhanced?
The new library was built on doing what’s best for students. It’s a place of opportunity, a learning center where students use the best resources and technology available in a safe and nurturing environment. Not only do we have spaces for reading, research and collaborative learning, but we have a fireplace that provides warmth and comfort, individual study spaces, a vibrant and whimsical children’s room, gallery spaces for student artwork, and a brand-new display space for social studies and world language departments to share cultural projects.

Describe how you feel in the new space in three words.
In terms of how I’m feeling: inspired, grateful, energized. When thinking about the space itself: joy, connection, purpose. How it’s affecting students: imagine, explore, dream.

What are you looking forward to?
First of all, there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of students coming in to use the new spaces and resources, which is fabulous! I’m looking forward to working with students in this new facility to encourage and help enable them to become independent readers and learners. I want the whole community to benefit from all the enrichment this dynamic new library provides!

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