1. alumni gathering at a 2019 homecoming eventReconnect with former classmates
    Maybe it’s been awhile! Being connected to the MPA alumni association means you’re in touch with old friends and in the know for all the biggest news from your graduating class.
  2. Reconnect with former teachers and coaches
    Did you see winning lip sync video from Mr. Thomsen and Emily Moses Thomsen ’13? It was amazing. Making sure your contact information is up to date means you never miss an opportunity to reconnect with a former teacher, administrator or coach. By the way, interested in congratulating Mr. Thomsen on the amazing winning video? Send him an email at mthomsen@moundsparkacademy.org. He’d love to hear from you!
  3. Stay up to date on athletics
    With nine teams coached by MPA alumni and 36 state championships to date, you’re going to want to stay up to date on Panthers athletics. Many of the same coaches you may have had along the way (Coach Ethier, Coach Scinto, Coach Haase, etc.) are still going strong! Follow along and celebrate their accomplishments.
  4. Stay current on extracurricular activities
    Ms. Kunze, Mr. Vergin, Mr. Habermann, Ms. Wantock, Ms. Buck, Ms. Sonka, and Mr. Shapiro are just some of the icons who direct MPA’s speech, debate, and robotics teams, music, art and theatre ensembles and numerous extracurricular activities and student organizations. Know this year’s spring musical, follow along with the speech and debate dynasty, and cheer on MPA’s perennial all state choir, band and orchestra nominees.
  5. Get involved in the mentorship program
    MPA alumni play an important role in mentoring and networking with senior class. The mentorship program connects seniors with alumni in their field of interest and helps them create lifelong connections.
  6. Be a steward
    Coming up on its 40th year, MPA is still a relatively young school that relies a lot on current parents and parents of alumni to sustain its fundraising needs. However, as the school comes of age, alumni play an increasingly important role in stewardship. Make sure your contact information is up to date so you can help in these stewardship efforts and ensure a financially strong MPA for generations to come.
  7. Get inspired by amazing alumni accomplishments
    Zach Quinn (Love Your Melon), Sam Harper (Hippy Feet Socks), Mason Ferlic (NCAA Steeplechase champion), and Kate Roach (Olympic rowing qualifier) are just some of the amazing MPA alumni inspiring us. MPA’s 1650 + alums are always accomplishing incredible things!
  8. Be in the know on alumni events
    Even with in person alumni events on pause right now, stay up to date on virtual events like MPA Talks and reunions, and know when in person alumni events are on the calendar again! With several opportunities each year to connect with fellow alumni, make sure you’re in the know on what’s coming up next.
  9. Let us promote you
    Start a business? Go on an adventure? Win an award? Star in a play? Let MPA promote you and your achievement across social media and allow us to help you spread the word about the cool things you’re up to.
  10. Have something to share when your parents ask you what your MPA friends are up to these days
    We’ve all been there. “What’s so and so up to these days?” Rather than telling your mom for the fourteenth time that you don’t know what so and so is up to, you can actually have something to share! Your parents will be happy and you will be happy too. Everyone wins!

Update your contact information by emailing alumni@moundsparkacademy.org!

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