Middle school students doing work together in classroomMPA’s Board of Trustees collaborates with the Head of School to guide the school’s strategic direction, to protect its mission, to support the school’s development efforts and to safeguard the school’s financial stability.

Nominations for Trustees
We are pleased to share that the Governance Committee of the Board is launching its annual process to identify potential trustees.

If you, or someone you know, could be a strong contributor to the MPA Board of Trustees, please provide the name of your nominee and a short description of their experience and background, directly to Wendy Marko Odeen, Trustee and Governance Chair, MPA Board of Trustees at wendy.odeen@ellester.com by January 16, 2021.

In addition to strong leadership skills, nominees will bring a broad diversity of experience and backgrounds, and a passion to advance the mission of MPA. Areas of desired professional experience include: finance, accounting, investment, banking, business, communications, construction, education, law, governance, scientific training, the arts, IT, human resources, strategic planning, development, marketing, and community service, among others.

Trustees serve up to two three-year terms, participating in MPA Board meetings five to six times a year, in addition to participating in monthly standing committees.

The Governance committee will evaluate all nominees and reach out to shortlisted candidates for further information and interview. Candidates recommended by the Governance Committee will be presented to the full Board at its May 2021 meeting, and approved trustees will begin their first three-year term as of July 2021. Onboarding and training is provided to all trustees.

For more information on the Board and its working committees, please see the Board page on the MPA website.

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