Rowan M. researching for future citiesBecause the annual Middle School Future City Competition is completely virtual this year, MPA students had a preliminary in-school competition to determine the top three teams going to state this year. The outputs are the same–a 1500-word essay in collaboration with their English class, a physical model of the city, and a presentation. However, the problem that students must solve changes every year. This year, students had to design and build a city of the future on the Moon. “This is the toughest problem I have seen in years,” Mr. Milam said.

Students had to research the Moon’s resources, how to travel to and from the Moon, and how to sustain life on the Moon. They developed many innovations in indoor farming, transportation, mining on the Moon, production of water and air, city infrastructure, and housing.

The three winning teams that are representing MPA at the State Competition are Annika B., Annika D., Zoya, and Navreen; Rowan, Lucia, Camdyn, and Sylvie; and Olivia, Lucy, Zainab, and Ava. We’re cheering you on, Panthers!

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