Kaija Kunze at a volleyball gameThis story series illustrates how our community is embracing, growing, and connecting through virtual learning together. Read on to see what MPA sophomore Kaija Kunze-Hoeg looks forward to as #MPAgoesvirtual!

Kaija tells us that she is excited to try this new style of learning. “To me, virtual learning is a new, innovative take on what a classroom looks like,” she says. “I expect to have to learn to focus harder as I will have more things that can distract me when I am learning from home.”

Knowing this may be a challenge for her, Kaija is preparing to set up her workspace to help her stay on task and continue achieving academically. MPA recommends starting with a quiet, well-lit area with strong Internet connection and a clean, clear working space to continue joyful learning away from campus. “I am going to try to make my at-home ‘classroom’ pretty close to what it would be at school so I can feel more engaged in my classwork,” she says. “I will use a desk, but it will just be more cozy.”

As far as learning new technology and tools for virtual learning? Kaija is looking forward to using platforms like Zoom to connect with her teachers and classmates. “Over the past few days, I have been a part of groups testing those platforms, and I think the format will be very fun to try with my other classmates,” she says. “I am going to stay connected during class by participating as fully as I would in a regular classroom setting. Outside of school, I have been staying connected by talking to my friends often over the phone and spending time with my family.”

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