middle school student doing science labAs we have reimagined our return to school events to ensure all can be on campus safely, we are excited to welcome Middle School students to campus for Back to School Days where we will get to know each other, our new campus health and safety procedures, attend laptop orientation, and learn about all of the new processes and practices that are part of our MPA student experience. We’re also going to have some fun—so we ask that students dress comfortably and ready for outside play! These are student-only events.

The dates offered below are listed by advisors and grade levels. Our Middle School advisory program is an important part of each day. This year, even more than before, each small group of students, led by a faculty member, will be like a small family! It will be an encouraging, supportive, and collaborative group for students and getting a great and positive start to the new school year. However, we recognize that with our summer winding down, your family may be unavailable at the scheduled time. If your student(s) are unable to attend their assigned advisory day, please let us know, and we will work to either have students attend with another group (with their grade level) or ask you to attend one of the make-up sessions. Advisory assignments were sent to families via email.

Grade 5
Ms. Nagle’s Advisory: Tuesday, August 18, 9:30 AM-12 PM
Mr. Peterson’s Advisory: Monday, August 17, 9:30 AM-12 PM

Grade 6
Ms. Dale’s Advisory: Monday, August 17, 1-3:30 PM
Mr. Harris’ Advisory: Thursday, August 13, 9:30 AM-12 PM
Ms. McFarland’s Advisory: Tuesday, August 11, 9:30 AM-12 PM

Grade 7/8
Ms. Atchison’s Advisory: Friday, August 14, 9:30 AM-12 PM
Mr. Cunningham’s Advisory: Tuesday, August 18, 1-3:30 PM
Mr. Ethier’s Advisory: Wednesday, August 12, 1-3:30 PM
Ms. Kramer’s Advisory: Wednesday, August 12, 9:30 AM-12 PM
Dr. Milam’s Advisory: Tuesday, August 11, 1-3:30 PM
Mr. Milam’s Advisory: Friday, August 14, 1-3:30 PM

Make-Up Days
Grade 7/8: Monday, August 24, 1-3:30 PM
Grade 5/6: Tuesday, August 25, 9:30 AM-12 PM

If you have any questions or your child is not able to attend their session, please do not hesitate to contact me! More details will be sent prior to each event with details about drop-off, activities, and need-to-know information for Back to School Days. Students should dress comfortably and wear a mask. If they’d like to bring a water bottle, they are welcome to do so.

Dr. Jenn Milam
Middle School director

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