MPA Student-Athletes/Lake Phalen Rowing Club take on the Iowa Games RegattaThe Lake Phalen Rowing swept the podium at the Iowa Games Regatta on July 31st with MPA student/athletes bringing home multiple victories. We’re so glad to see that our student community is remaining active in the summer months, and winning simultaneously! Please refer to the information below to see the results from this competitive regatta.

Men’s Novice 1x:
2nd place—Finn Zeruhn
3rd place—Alex Appleton

Men’s Jr 4x:
2nd place—Collin Steinberger ‘21, Grant Steinberger, David Steinberger, Matt Duerr

Women’s Novice 1x:
1st place—Sonia Olk
3rd place—Abby Appleton

Appleton siblings with their medalsMen’s Jr 1x:
1st—Grant Steinberger
7th—David Steinberger
8th—Collin Steinberger ‘21
16th—Alex Appleton
17th—Finn Zeruhn

Men’s Jr 2x:
Tied for 2nd place—Collin Steinberger ‘21, Grant Steinberger
5th place—Matt Duerr, David
10th place—Finn Zeruhn

Medal totals:

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