student doing a geometry problemThe MPA Math League team had their final meet of the regular season on Monday. The top scorers were senior Sean Park with 10 points, junior Leo Yu with eight points, sophomore Anthony Troullier with seven points, senior Steve Min with seven points, senior Amit Manicka with six points, and junior Amy Xiang with five points. The team earned 20 points on a challenging team round, thanks in part to sophomore Qiya Zhang solving a really tough geometry problem with less than a minute remaining!

The team finished the season third in the state in class AA and 15th in the state overall among schools from all three classes. In our division, individually, Sean Park finished 4th for the season, Leo Yu finished 11th, Anthony Troullier finished 12th, Lareina Gu finished 19th, and Amy Xiang finished 20th. The team will earn an invitation to the state tournament for the third consecutive year.

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