Kindergartners gifting Dr. Hudson a scarf by Dr. Bill Hudson, Head of School

I was pleasantly surprised Tuesday by a visit from Ms. Petersen’s kindergartners who presented me with a very nice MPA blue scarf. As we sat on the floor together in the hallway outside my office (six feet apart, of course!), they shared that they are spreading kindness throughout the school this month. The scarf was an act of kindness to thank me for my efforts to safely open school this year. As one of them put it, “You were a great leader and protector,” in the classroom.

For many, the future looks grim. Some people have lost faith in our society and feel hopeless and helpless. However, when so much seems to be outside of our control, I believe we must seek aspects of our lives we can control. Taking action now on something that will have a positive impact in years ahead can help us move through those feelings of hopelessness. In the midst of uncertainty, for instance, investing in the education of our children is essentially an act of hope and kindness.

Over the years, many MPA families and alumni have expressed their faith and confidence in the future by making a planned or estate gift to the school. These types of gifts might include making MPA the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan, creating a charitable gift annuity, or most simply, by making a bequest through your will. There are many ways you can designate a future gift through your estate planning. Contact the Development Office to learn more about what options might work best for you.

A legacy gift can be any size and will have a lasting impact on MPA students for generations to come. MPA would not exist without the vision of the founding families and generosity of time and resources of so many through the years who have built our beautiful campus and school community. Through the years, we have learned that many families have already designated a future gift to MPA through their estate planning. We encourage you to let us know about your planned gift to ensure we can carry out your intentions and to plan for future years at the school.

MPA is a young school with a very modest endowment. Endowments are critical for the success of a school because the earnings not only provide funding for current students, the corpus ensures the school will benefit students for years to come. To honor families and individuals who have made provisions for MPA in their estate plans, the school established the Legacy Society. Thank you to our volunteer leaders who help to spearhead the Legacy Society and planned giving at MPA: Melissa Peacock, P ’18, ’20, ’22; Nan Etzwiler; Jennifer Holloway, P ’20; and Karla Myers, P ’09, ’11, ’18.

For many of us, the pandemic has brought so much in focus, including the importance of planning for the future and making peace with the unknown. The future does not frighten me because I am fortunate to work in a community where hope abounds. MPA students are dreamers and doers. They stir the human spirit, stand for justice, and shake the world. I see that in the faces of our students each day, witness their acts of kindness, and hear it in the senior speeches of our twelfth-grade students. I know we are in good hands.

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