scene from winter show, Almost MaineThe Upper School Winter Show, “Almost, Maine,” took part in the Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Spotlight Education program this year. As part of the Spotlight Education program, the show was evaluated and recognized with multiple honors!

Production Honors

  • Achievement in Theatre: Honorable Mention
  • Overall Production: Outstanding
  • Overall Performance: Honorable Mention
  • Ensemble Performance: Honorable Mention
  • Acting Performance: Honorable Mention
  • Costume Crew: Honorable Mention
  • Overall Technical Team: Outstanding
  • Light & Sound Crew: Honorable Mention

Individual Honors

  • Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role: Ruby Schwieger as Sandrine, Kiki Ndogu as Marci
  • Honorable Mention in a Supporting Role: Garrett Hollihan as Phil, Isak Dai as Dave, Salmah Elmasry as Rhonda
  • Outstanding in Technical Leadership: Lucy Cowen as Stage Manager
  • Honorable Mention in Technical Leadership: Charlotte Bergh as Assistant/Student Director, Isak Dai as Props Designer, Kendall Shostak as Props Designer, Alexx Tolstad as Props Designer, Natalie Lemiuex as Props Designer
  • Evaluator Shout-Out: Stella Madore, Lilly Gasterland-Gustafsson, Leo Beauchane, Elsa Beauchane

Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Spotlight Education “honors and supports Minnesota high school theater students and programs. The program celebrates high school theatre and students by formally recognizing the extraordinary achievements and process of developing the young artists, onstage and offstage, in our state’s high school musical theater programs.”

Another round of applause and huge congratulations to all those who participated in this year’s production of “Almost, Maine!”

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