Elissa FrankelWhat do you love about MPA?
I love the learning environment that the teachers and students create together! Everyone is encouraged to follow their curiosity and given the support to learn about things they’re interested in. The student body is really involved in clubs and extracurriculars (especially for such a small school), and trying new things is encouraged.

How are you encouraged to dream big and do right at MPA?
The teachers at MPA always supported me in my goals and dreams and given me the resources to help me follow the right path to achieve them. MPA is a place where dreaming big and doing right are valued and encouraged by the whole community. Having a community that truly believes in you and your future has encouraged me to dream big and do right.

Why do you believe your teachers teach the way they do?
The teachers at MPA truly care about their students and the subject matter they are teaching. They want their students to find fascination in learning and discover their passions. MPA teachers want to see their students make an impact in the world and achieve their goals and they equip us with the tools to do so.

If you have attended another school, how has your experience here been different?
I attended public school in both elementary and middle school and my experience at MPA has been different mostly because of the much smaller class sizes. Some of my favorite classes have had around 10 students, and that individual attention just wasn’t possible at my middle school.

In what ways has MPA prepared you for life beyond school?
MPA has helped me find my voice. Within MPA, I found communities where I was fully accepted and felt safe to be vulnerable and share my ideas and opinions. Beyond school, I feel ready to share my unique perspective and ideas.

What’s your big dream?
Career-wise I want to end up doing neuroscience research. I find the brain so interesting and I want to find out more about its complex functions like learning, memory, and cognition through research!

What would you tell another student your age considering MPA?
If you end up here, you will find a safe and welcoming community ready to help you realize your goals and passions! The teachers here are amazing and care so much about the students and their education.

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