AminaMeet Amina Brewer, an MPA junior entering her third year at MPA!

What do you love about MPA?
One thing I love about MPA is how fast people can make connections with each other. Since the class sizes are relatively small, it’s pretty easy to form relationships with classmates. A lot of times when schools are huge, people get anxious about speaking up in class, and MPA does a good job at preventing situations like that.

Why do you believe your teachers teach the way they do?
The teachers at MPA all seem to actually care for their students. There aren’t times when I feel like a burden to them, or like they’re just trying to get through the day because they all seem to truly enjoy being an educator. Part of the reason why I think they teach us this way is so we can not only succeed in the future, but also so we can change the future for the best.

How are you encouraged to dream big and do right at MPA?
Seeing my hardworking friends is really what motivates me to try my very best for the future and career I want most. Without them, I wouldn’t be half as motivated.

If you have attended another school, how has your experience here been different?
I probably wouldn’t be as determined to do well because not many schools have this many students that are as motivated as they are here.

What would you tell another student your age considering MPA?
I would tell them to join as many clubs and extracurriculars as they can. It’s good to spread around multiple friend groups so you can find people that are similar to you, and to explore around people who have completely different lives. It can be hard especially in teen years because we are all worried about social status, but that doesn’t really matter at MPA.

In what ways has MPA prepared you for life beyond school?
I feel especially prepared for college because of all the intense writing and analyzing that we have done in class.

What’s your big dream?
My big dream is to get my dream job with my friends, and for us all to have the future that we wish for.

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