first place future cities teamCongratulations to our eighth graders moving on to the Future City State competition, and to our All-Stars, who really went above and beyond working in their groups!

The Future City Competition combines a dedication to sustainability with a commitment to the project’s hard work. It requires a 1500-word essay, a 2’x4’ 3D model with working parts, a presentation to a group of industry experts, and a Q&A session with said experts. There are rubrics for each deliverable, so the top three teams are decided strictly on points.

The spirit of collaboration is strong within the Future Cities project, from students working together on a team to utilizing interdisciplinary skills among them. Mr. Milam notes that “one of the coolest parts of this project is that it is a collaboration between my class, Ms. Atchison’s class, Ms. MacPhail’s class, and with Mr. Braafladt in the Makerspace.

Another collaborative factor is the strength of the All-Star group. All-Stars come from non-winning teams (teams who placed fourth through tenth) and are placed on one of the top three teams to help them prepare for State. For example, if a student was really good at building the model, they would be placed on a team going to State that needs help specifically with their model.

First Place: Rayon de Miel by Tea A., Kelvyn B., Olivia C., Tallulah M., and Lucy S.

Second Place: VAXA by Josh M., Carter S., Julia A., Finley H., and Grace K.

Third Place: Geweven by Ezra D., Myah H., Josie M., Lucy M., and Kalyx W.

All-Stars: Shwarnim T., Sidney L. Megan S., Emily B., Beckett S.,  Nathan M., Annika G., Evie M., Ellory B., Evie B., Teddy M., Nico B., and Peyton P.

Models of the Future Cities and essays are on display in the hallway outside of the Makerspace. Please stop by and enjoy the students’ incredible work!

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