Rocco in classWhat do you love about MPA?
At MPA, I love that everybody is so caring, kind, and respectful. The teachers spend so much time with you and that’s really nice. I like that nobody interrupts classes. It’s really great.

What would you tell another student considering MPA?
You should. Coming to MPA is definitely the right choice. I’ve gone to two other schools and this is definitely the best school for me. If you love having fun while still learning, then definitely come here.

How are you encouraged to dream big and do right at MPA?
I get encouraged to dream big and do right when I think about things I like. When I read
I always dream that I’m one of the characters in the story. I dream that I’m there. When I do right, I stand up for my friends, I help other people, and I think it’s better to be in a group than alone when we do right.

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