The Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards were announced, and the following students had work recognized this year. We’re congratulating Upper School artists for their work being featured this year! Gold Key work will be featured in an exhibition at the Regis Gallery at the University of Minnesota, and the work will advance to compete at the national level. Silver Key and Honorable Mention work will be part of an online exhibition. Congratulations to Maxwell Spencer, Alexx Tolstad, Elise DeBruzzi, Tasos Dimopoulos, Aixa Kellermann, and Ema Santibanez for their excellent artwork!

Elise DeBruzzi (11)—Mixed Media Still Life Honorable Mention Mixed Media
Tasos Dimopoulos (11)—Bones Honorable Mention Drawing
Aixa Kellermann (11)—Berries Silver Key Painting
Ema Santibanez (11)—Colorful Spine Honorable Mention Drawing
Maxwell Spencer (12)—In Stasis 2021 Honorable Mention Painting, Wind Dragon Honorable Mention Painting, Cold Familiarity Gold Key Painting, Beware False Prophets Honorable Mention Printmaking, Cycles of Fire and Ash Silver Key Drawing
Alexx Tolstad (12)—Self Portrait Honorable Mention Drawing, Fall Leaves Honorable Mention Drawing

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