from Bill Hudson, head of school

Today is one of my favorite days, a day that embodies who we are as a school community. The entire school gathered for the annual Senior Walk and together celebrated the 60 seniors and their impact on MPA. The joy in the eyes of each student along the pathway, the pride in the eyes of faculty and staff, and the sense of accomplishment reflected in the eyes of our senior class bring tears to my eyes.

I’ve seen countless young people move on from high school to college over the 30 or so years I’ve been a teacher and administrator. Each class is unique and holds a special place in my heart. This senior class strikes me as incredibly genuine and resilient. They have weathered the pandemic, a racial reckoning, and social and political discord. They have prevailed through personal trauma and difficulties and emerged strong and authentic.

The college choices of our senior class are evidence of the uniqueness of each student and the diversity of their interests. Fifty-nine seniors will be attending 39 different colleges and universities in 20 states, Washington, D.C., Canada, and Scotland. They have chosen large research universities, public and private institutions, small liberal arts colleges, Ivies, art schools, and women’s colleges. Students will be attending schools in urban and rural locations that are near and far.

This class is known to be fun-loving and responsible. This was evident Tuesday when seniors cleverly transformed the Upper School into Las Vegas for their senior prank. The commons was a casino with a few games, music, and even a wedding chapel. A wading pool and slip-and-slide could be found in the Benz courtyard. When it was time, the entire Upper School was cleaned up and returned to normal.

They are an academically strong and socially conscious class. Teachers describe them as thoughtful, engaged, respectful, passionate, energetic, compassionate, and driven. A touching new tradition was started by these creative young people. On the morning of their first day of school, they gathered together at dawn to usher in their final year at MPA. Fast forward to last Friday, they once again gathered, but this time at sunset to mark the end of the school year and their career at MPA.

We will miss this talented and passionate class. But we are buoyed with the knowledge that they are prepared and empowered to successfully forge their path forward. They are truly dreamers, doers, and right-makers. Thank you, Class of 2023, for the lasting impact you’ve had on all of us.

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