Launched earlier this year as a way to celebrate MPA’s rich athletic tradition, MPA is proud to announce the 2023 Hall of Fame inductees: Joe Kordosky, athletic director and coach, Bev Docherty, teacher and coach, Mason Ferlic ’11, alum athlete, and Caitlin Lock Coomes ’01, alum athlete. Please take a moment to read thoughts from Mason below!

What was your greatest accomplishment in your four years at MPA?
After a successful junior year track season, I set the lofty goal of winning the state cross country championships. It was the first time I called my “shot” and let everyone know that was my goal for the season. When the day came, I defeated my rival in a duel over the last kilometer. Winning that race transformed my mentality as an athlete and opened my eyes to what was possible with self-belief and work ethic. I also have very fond memories of that time with the team—every day was a blast, and we all trained with a purpose.

How did your time at MPA shape your future?
Without the excellent coaching and supportive environment, I would not have had the same level of success that got me recruited to the University of Michigan and eventually make an Olympic team. MPA fostered my love for running and competing—I grew as an athlete and a person. Looking back, much of my success can be attributed to my formative years in high school. I learned to win, lose, and deal with challenges. MPA started my athletic career, but it certainly did not end there.

What is one piece of advice that you would share with MPA athletes?
Be bold and set ambitious goals. Real challenges require real sacrifices; hold yourself accountable to achieving those dreams. I spent many weekends, holiday vacations, and after-school hours training and preparing so that when the opportunity came, I could truly test my limits. When you wholeheartedly commit to a goal, do so with conviction and clarity. Remember, the journey is the ultimate reward.

Who at MPA had the greatest influence on you?
My MPA coaches, Bev Docherty and Dan Ethier, profoundly impacted my development as an athlete and person. They were the first to recognize my talent for running and cultivate the drive to be a champion. They were not just mentors on the track or cross country course but also in life. They instilled in me the essence of being a true athlete, emphasizing the importance of physical and mental preparation. Like all great coaches, their wisdom revolved around the power of patience, teaching me not to rush toward short-term achievements but rather to trust the process and focus on long-term growth. They were always there to balance my enthusiasm and disappointment, imparting valuable life lessons that extend far beyond the realm of sports. Their guidance has left a lasting mark on my character and approach to challenges.

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