Dear MPA Alumni,

In this season of reflection, three MPA moments are on my mind. First, in June of this year, I had the opportunity to help organize our 20th class reunion. The planning process was a fun way to reconnect with many fellow classmates, especially since not everyone was able to attend the event. But what was even better than planning was catching up in person and seeing many familiar faces, hearing about parents and siblings (and partners and kids!), and learning about the amazing things that people are now doing personally and professionally. Thank you to all who could attend and those who traveled across the country to do so!

Another important MPA milestone for our family this year was choosing to enroll our daughter in
kindergarten at MPA. In discussing our dreams of what we would want for our children’s education—a supportive environment, rigorous and engaging academics, a focus on the whole child, and the
opportunity to build lifelong friendships—we knew that MPA was where we wanted them to grow and
thrive. “Dream big, Do right” is the motto I hope our children can carry with them through MPA and

Finally, our daughter’s kindergarten milestone this year has me thinking back to my own time growing up at MPA. I first joined the MPA community as a kindergartener in 1990 with Mrs. Jacqueline Park, who taught at MPA from 1988-2006. Mrs. Park was my introduction to MPA’s true commitment to the joy of learning as well as, perhaps more importantly, how we carry ourselves and how we treat one another: with kindness and respect. Until I graduated, I always enjoyed being able to see Mrs. Park—and so many of the teachers I had along the way – in the halls, at events, and especially during pairing assemblies when we would pair up with younger students to read or share. I’ve thought of Mrs. Park quite a bit this year, and I am grateful for the ways that she has continued to teach the next generation through her former students and her collaboration with her wonderful colleague, Ms. P.

As the year comes to a close, I encourage everyone to take some time to remember some of the
wonderful teachers and other individuals who have helped shape us as adults at MPA and elsewhere. In 2024, may we continue to do our best to be kind, dream big, and do right!

Clare Halloran ‘03

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