Launched earlier this year as a way to celebrate MPA’s rich athletic tradition, MPA is proud to announce the 2023 Hall of Fame inductees: Joe Kordosky, athletic director and coach, Bev Docherty, teacher and coach, Mason Ferlic ’11, alum athlete, and Caitlin Lock Coomes ’01, alum athlete. Please take a moment to read thoughts from Joe (Kordo) Kordosky below!

What was your greatest accomplishment in your 28 years as an athletic director and coach at MPA?
My greatest accomplishment was the establishment and development of MPA’s Athletic Program. In 1992-93, MPA was accepted into the Tri-Valley Athletic Conference. This enabled MPA athletes to compete for Conference titles and also earn much-deserved All-Conference recognition. The first MPA team to win a Conference Championship was the 1994 Girls Track Team coached by Bev Docherty.

What is your happiest memory of your time at MPA?
I have so many great memories. The one that made me the proudest was in 2002 when MPA sent both boys’ and girls’ soccer teams to the State Tournament. This created tremendous excitement and school spirit throughout the entire MPA community.

What impact do you hope you had on others at MPA?
I hope my enthusiasm and belief that the MPA Athletic Program could be competitive and successful would encourage others to support the athletes and the program.

Who at MPA had the greatest influence on you?
The school’s founder, Bob Kreischer. He instilled in me the importance of always creating the best student opportunities and programs.

How would your fellow students or staffers describe you?
Kordo was approachable, with a great sense of humor. He thoroughly enjoyed the numerous student interactions throughout each day. He had an open-door policy and was always working to improve the athletics experience at MPA.

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