Upper school students in French classfrom Mark Segal, Upper School director

Mark Your Calendars

  • Wednesday-Friday, February 7-9: Grade 10 Deep Portage Trip
  • Friday, February 9: US BIPOC Affinity Group Meeting, 11:20-12 PM, Room 150-151
  • Thursday, February 15: Re-enrollment Deadline
  • Friday, February 16: No Classes, Professional Development
  • Monday, February 19: No Classes, Presidents’ Day
  • Monday, February 19: US SAT Mini Prep Class, 5-8:30 PM, Room 181
  • Wednesday, February 21: Upper School Parent Quarterly Coffee, 8-9:30 AM, PCR
  • Thursday, February 22: Upper School Band Concert, 7:30-8:30 PM, Nicholson Center
  • Wednesday, February 28: Senior Performances, 8-9:15 AM, Recital Hall
  • Thursday, February 29: Upper School Vocal Concert, 7:30-8:30 PM, Nicholson Center
  • Friday, March 1: SnoDaze Assembly, 2:20-3 PM
  • Friday, March 1: Upper School SnoDaze Event (TBD), afterschool

Important Information
If your student will be absent, late, or needs to be excused early from school, please reach out to the Upper School office via cwilliams@moundsparkacademy.org.

REMINDER: even though there are no Lower or Middle School classes on February 9 due to their conferences, the Upper School will hold classes as usual.

Sharing your story is not just an act of self-expression, it is a powerful tool for personal connection and growth. When you “open up” about your personal, lived experiences, you invite others to participate in your stories and share your authentic self with them. One of the MPA graduation requirements is for all members of the senior class to give a Senior Performance. Most seniors speak to their peers in the Recital Hall, yet some choose to share their story with all members of the Upper School community in the Nicholson Center. The Senior Performances are often speeches that speak to individual growth and reflection, but at times are actual performances where original pieces of music or monologues are performed.

Earlier this week, six members of the Class of 2024 shared their stories with their peers. Each student proudly shared something deeply personal about themselves. These performances were like others earlier this year where students speak of “weighty” topics like living with mental illness, dealing with the loss of a parent, or starting over at a new school. In a world often marked by isolation and division, sharing one’s story bridges the gap between individuals and fosters a sense of community and belonging.

Kate Hurst, a staff development coordinator for the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Outreach Program shares, “Perhaps the thing that makes us human is the stories (real and imagined) that each of us has inside. Many people think that the gift of storytelling belongs only to writers, shamans, and the very old. The reality is we are all storytellers from the very earliest days of our lives.” Stories ground our values in lived experiences, allowing us to transform past hardships into sources of strength and wisdom. Sharing one’s story allows us to give voice to our journey and can break the stigma surrounding certain topics while encouraging those who hear your story to speak up or to provide a deeper level of support.

By sharing their vulnerabilities, truths, and passions, MPA seniors remind us that we are not alone in traversing challenging times. I am inspired by each of the stories shared and in awe of the courage shown by each student. Please join us the next time Senior Performances are scheduled.

I look forward to seeing you on campus soon.

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