MS newsfrom Dr. Jenn Milam, Middle School director 

Mark Your Calendars

  • Friday, March 9: iTerm Share Fair, 2:20-3 PM, Family Commons
  • Monday, March 11-24: No Classes, Spring Break
  • Monday, March 25: Classes Resume at 8 AM
  • Friday, April 5: End of Quarter 3
  • Monday, April 8: Quarter 4 Begins

Middle School has been joyfully wrapped up in i-Term 2024 this week and we are so grateful for all our parents, community, faculty, and staff support to make the week possible!!! You’re invited to join us on Friday, March 8, from 2:15-3 PM, as we host an iTERM SHARE FAIR! Each course prepares a display to showcase what they did together, what they learned, share some new skills, and show off their products!

2024 MPA Spring Auction on April 19
Be on the lookout for information about the 2024 MPA Spring Auction, Together We Can Move Mountains, scheduled for Friday, April 19 at Dellwood Golf Club. This is your chance to attend a night of fun, inspiration, and community building while supporting MPA with fellow parents, alumni, and friends.

As we prepare for the long break ahead, I hope you’ll take time to rest, open spaces for boredom, and reconnect with each other–especially your middle. Our lives can be so hectic, so scheduled, and so centered around “tasks” that we forget to stop, take a break, cook a meal together, and even just watch a movie together. Enjoy your break. We’ll see you March 25.

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