Giselle WyniaWelcome to MPA, Giselle Wynia! Giselle joins us as a Middle School science and design teacher. We are so excited to introduce her to our community!

What school/organization are you coming from?
I previously worked for St. Odilia School.

Tell us about your education and past experience.
Prior to teaching middle school science, I taught courses at the University of Minnesota including human anatomy and worked in the anatomy bequest program. I have a Masters of instruction in human anatomy and physiology. I left the University of Minnesota to teach middle school science, and it is the most fun I have had during my teaching career. I have experience in public and private schools, and I am currently finishing up the year at St. Odilia. I have a passion for lifelong learning and I am excited to share that with the students at MPA.

What did you find appealing about MPA?
The sense of community and belonging was evident from the time I walked in the door. I really enjoyed my time teaching in Mr. Milam’s room as the students were eager to participate and a joy to interact with.

What lasting impact do you plan to have on MPA?
Helping students connect science in the classroom to the world we live in. I want them to realize that anyone can do science!

What’s your big dream?
To be able to travel the world with students and teach them the impact our choices we make have on our ecosystems and society.

What are you (and your family, if you so choose) passionate about?
Books, biking, hiking, protecting nature, and spending quality time together.

What’s a fun fact about you that our community would love to know?
I’m a licensed mortician! Mentoring clinical students is how I discovered my passion for teaching.

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