Oslo, Julia, and LucyThree exceptional MPA students had the opportunity to attend a prestigious orchestra clinic at the University of Wisconsin-Madison this week. Julia Anderson ’27, Oslo Norcross ’27, and Lucy Mayer ’27 attended intensive rehearsals, guided by university faculty, and all of their hard work culminated in a live concert performance.

“Our MPA musicians are so dedicated to music making and I love that they were able to experience this event,” said Hannah Lawson, MPA’s director of orchestras. “As their director, I want to give my students as many performance opportunities as possible and I’m so proud that they accepted the challenge and can carry this experience with them forever.”

These talented musicians began the process with rigorous auditions, where they showcased their skills and received invaluable feedback from university faculty. They embraced their chance to work with unfamiliar musical pieces, showcasing their adaptability and resilience in the face of musical challenges.

Reflecting on the clinic, Julia expressed her excitement, highlighting the joy of collaborating with fellow musicians who shared her passion. “It was an amazing experience to be able to play with other musicians who were excited about the music and wanted to be there. And, it was fun to meet so many people with shared interests.”

The clinic offered more than just a chance to perform–it enriched their journey as musicians. Julia, Oslo, and Lucy found themselves surrounded by other supportive individuals driven by a shared love for music. The energy of the event fueled their enthusiasm and created impactful memories.

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