Katie BrunsWelcome to MPA, Katie Bruns! Katie will join us this fall as a Middle School physical education teacher, and we are so excited to introduce her to our community!

From what school/organization are you coming?
I am coming from River Grove Elementary School.

Tell us about your education and past experience.
I have a master’s in physical education with an emphasis in adventure education and outdoor pursuits. I have taught physical education and health in a variety of settings and at all grade levels. I have a passion for creating fun and innovative activities for students to learn, and I love living a healthy lifestyle. I have my 200-hour yoga teaching certification and ropes course instructor certification, and I have coached a variety of sports.

What did you find appealing about MPA?
When I read, “Students are challenged to apply their understanding to stir the human spirit, stand for justice, and shake the world.” on MPA’s website, I knew I wanted to work here. MPA has created a foundation that truly inspires students to want to be producitve world citizens, and I felt that when I met the staff, students, and toured the school. I’m excited to be a part of a team that truly makes a difference.

What lasting impact do you plan to have on MPA?
I would love my lasting impact to be students and staff leaving my classes and conversations inspired to challenge and grow their fitness and health journey. I want to motivate people to find their own fitness passion and pursue it. Overall, I want to be part of a team that supports us all as we develop into better versions of ourselves.

What’s your big dream?
To continue to teach and travel in my free time!

What are you and your family passionate about?
My husband and I love to spend time outdoors; we trail run, mountain bike, disc golf, golf, and much more. We also recently bought our first home, have chickens, and partake in novice vegetable gardening!

What’s a fun fact about you that our community would love to know?
I love to read, I know how to crochet, and I have completed a few ultra marathons!

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