Your New Parents Association Executive Board!

Middle school students dance in drama classThank you to those of you who voted for your new Parents Association Executive Board. The following slate was approved and will begin leading the Parents Association and serving the MPA community on July 1, 2019: Kim Jakway, president; Seema Anwar and Barry Madore, co-presidents-elect; Meredith Forgosh, secretary; Yuki Miyokawa, treasurer; Russ Purdy, Upper School division lead; Susan Knapp, Middle School division lead; Sally Richie and Andrea Dodson, Lower School co-division leads.

In addition, a special thanks to Tara Lafferty who is stepping down as Middle School lead but will continue to be involved in Parents Association events. Tara has dedicated many volunteer hours and her amazing contributions are much appreciated!

Lower School Family Social

lower school students hangin gout together at lower school entranceThe Lower School Family Social is coming up on May 24 at 3 PM! The MPA Parents Association Lower School Grape Reps will be hosting this gathering outside of the Lower School entrance (the South entrance). Come enjoy popsicles, sunshine, and the opportunity to mingle with other Lower School parents. The popsicles served will meet MPA’s allergy aware policy as well as be gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. We can’t wait to see you there!

MPA Parents Association Is Seeking Volunteers!

PA puts on a wonderful party!The MPA Parents Association is seeking volunteers for the 2019-2020 school year! Please consider getting involved. It’s a great way to meet the school community, show our appreciation to faculty and staff, enrich our children’s school experience, all while making new friends. A willingness to help is the only experience needed!

If you are interested in taking on a Parents Association Board or Event Chair position for next year, let us know so we can can add your name to the list of candidates on the 2019-2020 ballot. Contact Kim Jakway at Thank you!

Parents Association Open House & Upcoming Events

pa coffee gatheringWe invite the MPA community to attend the MPA Parents Association Open House on Friday, April 19 from 8-9 AM in the Porter Conference Room. Come enjoy coffee and a light breakfast as we discuss our accomplishments this past year and plans for the upcoming school year. Please attend as we would love to get your feedback and ideas. If you are interested in taking on a PA Board or Event Chair position for next year, come to the Open House for more information or contact Kim Jakway at We would love to see you and really appreciate your help! Read More

Thank You For Supporting The Parents Association!

PA volunteers at book festivalThe Parents Association would like to say thank you for your dues. The $75 per family that you see in the re-enrollment system funds our budget so that we can provide our students, faculty and staff, and our families with great opportunities and events throughout the year.

This year, your contributions supported Faculty and Staff Appreciation, Lower School Holiday Events, Middle School Cafe, Book Festival, the White Out Dance for grades PreK-6 and individual grade level events. Also, through our micro-funding program, we were able to fund the purchase of Robotics kits for fifth graders and the MPA Robotics team. In the coming months, we will fund graduation decorations, the Moving Up celebration, kindergarten graduation and more grade level events. Your funds are essential to help us build community, continue MPA traditions, support our faculty and staff, and be a resource for our families. Thank you!

Thank You To Our Volunteers!

middle schools students volunteering at book festivalWe hope you enjoyed the Book Festival last week and appreciate your support! It takes a lot of volunteers and staff to put on such an event and our amazing MPA community is always ready to help. On behalf of the Parents Association, thank you to the following parents, staff, faculty and students for helping make the 2019 Book Festival a success.

Thank you to Seema Anwar, Alex Bolduan, Thomas Connors, Christine Daves, Andy Gibert, Fabiola Grubhofer, Lauren Hernandez, Erica Huppert, Kimberly Jakway, Vern Kissner, Susan Knapp, Nicole Koen, Nancy Lage, Christine Larson, Richard Liu, Sandy Martinek, Tara Matthews-Lafferty, Pat McLees, Yukiko Miyokawa, Jenn Milam, Prashant Nayak, Heidi Nelson Baldwin, Chef Doug Pittman, Susan Robertson, John Schneider, Cari Simonson, Becky Tesdahl, Melissa Tuura-Johnson, Lisa Vale, Natalie Waters Seum, Maddy Wolfe, Renee Wright, Wen Yu, and Evie Zeruhn. Read More

See You At The White Out Dance!

white out dance games 2018We are looking forward to seeing you at the 2019 White Out Dance on Friday, March 8!

From 3–5 PM, students in grades PreK–6 are invited to show off their winter spirit, wear white to school, and join in on a night of fun! There will be crafts, games, dancing, and so much fun for everyone!

Meet in the Lansing Sports Center after school. All Lower School students must be accompanied by an adult chaperone. Can’t wait to see you there for an afternoon of fun!

The White Out Dance Is Coming Soon!

white out dance 2018We are very excited for the ninth annual White Out Dance! On Friday, March 8, from 3–5 PM, students in grades PreK–6 are invited to show off their winter spirit, wear white to school, and join in on a night of fun! There will be crafts, carnival games, and dancing featuring the one and only DJ Dad Makai Catudio! There will be complimentary pizza, snacks, and water for students, too!

Meet in the Lansing Sports Center after school. All Lower School students must be accompanied by an adult chaperone.

Parents, join in on the fun and sign up to volunteer at the dance here!

Conduits For Joy

Upper school student and fourth grader reading together at the reading assemblyby Dr. Bill Hudson, Head of School

It’s true. I am a voracious reader. Throughout my life, I have loved books and can think of few greater pleasures than a good one. Reading fueled my imagination and took me to places I could have never visited. Getting lost in a book and losing track of time is pure joy. For these reasons and many more, the MPA Book Festival, produced by our incredible Parents Association, is one of my favorite MPA traditions. The Book Festival began in April 2000. It was started by the collaborative efforts of parents of alumni Elaine Johnson and Karla Myers, and the library staff. It was also the year MPA librarian Nancy Lage brought in Mary Grand Pre, the illustrator of the American version of “Harry Potter.” Part celebration and part fundraiser for the library, the Book Festival symbolizes so much of what is special about our community.

When I was a child, the library was my favorite place. In the small town I grew up in, the library was an old “mansion” in the center of town. It was warm and comforting, a bit mysterious, and had a wonderful smell. It was my happy place. In college, my use of a library changed dramatically. It served more of a social purpose than an academic one. One of my first experiences of social justice advocacy was participating in a sit in at the college library over its unjust policy banning soft drinks. (Ah, youthful ignorance.) During my graduate work, I practically lived in the library. Buried amidst the stacks, I once more found my happy place. Read More

Join Us Tonight For Book Festival Family Night!

book festival family night 2018Join us tonight for Book Festival Family Night! From 3-6:30 PM on campus, you’re invited to an evening of crafts, games, complimentary dinner and more book-buying. A portion of the proceeds from book sales benefit our MPA library. Used books will also be available for purchase during the week for only .25 cents!

The 2019 Winter Wonderland Book Festival has been wonderful all week. Today is the last day the Bookstore in the Gallery will be open from 8 AM-3:30 PM. The booksellers have an excellent selection of books we love.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this wonderful annual MPA tradition!