student arriving at door 1All MPA families should have received an email from with information about how to install the Safety App Powered by AUXS. Completing twice-daily screenings through this app will enable MPA to effectively monitor and track screening as a preventative measure and will have the ease families need for this step to be quick and easy.

Here are some important reminders about the arrival and dismissal process this year:


  • If your family didn’t select an arrival time, one will be assigned to you.
  • Students will not be allowed in the building prior to 7:15 AM in order for staff members to arrive on campus and be prepared to begin the screening process.
  • Please have the green badge that is emailed to you by The Safety App Powered By Aux out and ready to show upon arrival. While the information you submitted is being sent to the school, the most efficient way for MPA to run the arrival process for now is for families to have their green badge out and ready.
  • If your child is driving themselves to school, please forward the Safety App email to them or take a screenshot and text it to them. The same applies for carpools and bus riders who already have cell phones. Please do not purchase a cell phone for your child just for this purpose. For any student riding the bus who does not have a cell phone, MPA will have the information you transmitted via the app available to reference. If you have forgotten to do the screening, staff will ask your child the screening questions. All students must be screened prior to entering the building.
  • Each student will enter at their pre-assigned door, including bus riders. The doors will be marked with flags and balloons for easy locating. Note that parents will need to drive through the lot and stop at each applicable door and bus riders will need to walk from the bus to their door.

Arrival & Dismissal Doors
Door 1: PreK, K, 1
Door 2: Grades 2, 3, 4
Note: Doors 1 & 2 will drop off in a single Lower School drive thru lane
Door 4: Grades 5, 7
Door 5: Grades 6, 8
Note: Doors 4 & 5 will drop off in a single Middle School drive thru lane
Door 7 West: Grades 9, 10
Door 7 East: Grades 11, 12
Note: Door 7 will drop off in a single Upper School drive thru lane

  • When lining up to enter the building, students should be wearing masks and staying physically distant.
  • Parents are encouraged to allow their student to make the last part of the journey into school independently unless delivering a reluctant student. All new families with Lower School students will be welcomed to accompany their child through screening and to their locker or classroom door for the first week of school.
  • A staff member will be available to walk Lower School students to Panther Club, if applicable, or to their classroom if arriving after 7:30 AM.

3 PM Coordinated Dismissal, PreK-12

  • Please print your student’s name and grade on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and put it on the passenger side of your dashboard so that your family may be easily identified. One page per family is fine.
  • Each student will depart from their pre-assigned door noted above. For families with students in multiple divisions, please begin with pick-up for your youngest student to ease traffic congestion and flow through the parking lot, then proceed to the next applicable door for your next child moving south to north. Please be extra mindful and cautious of these new traffic patterns for students exiting the building and being picked up as you make your way around the building.
  • When you arrive, an MPA staff member will signal to the classroom that you have arrived, and the student may depart from their assigned door.
  • Upper School students may remain at MPA until their parents arrive, if needed. They will remain in the Upper School Commons or the Lansing Lobby so that they may be supervised. Please call or text your child when you arrive, and they will be noted as dismissed when they leave through door #7. We ask that all Upper School students are picked up by 5 PM unless they are in an organized afterschool activity.

Panther Club/Panther Den/Study Hall Coordinated Dismissal

  • PreK Panther Club: Upon arrival, you will call the PreK room at 651-748-5573 to let them know that you are there for your child. The PreK Panther Club teacher will walk your student out to door 1 for pick-up and sign-out.
  • K-4 Panther Club: You will meet your student at door 15 (playground door by the blacktop area) for pick-up. When you arrive please call 651-748-5571, and we will walk your student to door 15 to meet you for pick-up and sign-out.
  • 5-8 Study Hall: When you arrive by 4 PM, please call 651-748-5571 or text your student, and they will be dismissed through the Middle School playground door (door 15) to meet you in the south lot. To maintain physical distancing, we will stagger student release, so we ask for your patience as students exit the building to meet you.
  • 5-8 Panther Den: When you arrive, please call 651-748-5571 or text your student, and they will be dismissed through the Middle School playground door (door 15) to meet you in the south lot.

Please know that these new arrival and dismissal procedures will take time and patience to adjust to. We anticipate that the first week may be challenging. Every available faculty, staff, and admin team member will be available to assist students and make it as easy as possible! Let’s be safe, smart, and kind as we navigate this process!

If you did not receive the email with information about how to download the app from or are having any difficulties with downloading and signing in, please contact Jennifer Rogers, director of development and community engagement, at

For more detailed information and troubleshooting about the Safety App Powered By AUXS, click here

If you have questions about this screening process, or if you need to report possible symptoms or exposure throughout the school year, please email

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